The Universal Sabbath of Creation

We invite you to join the Jewish people in lighting two Sabbath Candles in honor the “Universal Sabbath” as mandated in the Ten Commandments.


This Sabbath is a “Shabbat” of Creation marking the 7th day of rest the entire world is called to observe and keep “holy” unto the Creator.

Once a week on Friday the end of the Hebrew calender weekly day six, observing and taking time out of the mundane daily grind, weinvite you in welcoming and honoring the Shabbat as an opportunity to invest in feeling the pleasure of gathering together, enjoying every bite of family dinner, and enjoying singing and praying giving thanks to Creator.

Once a week, the Shabbat offers the opportunity to spend quality time with our families, listen to each other, share our experiences, express our love, and make each other happy.

The All Nations Sabbath Candleholders

The All Nations Sabbath Candleholders

Made in Israel

These olive wood candle holders are harvested from trimmed branches of living Olive Trees in Northern Israel and are hand crafted in Bethlehem.

Each tree is carefully and decidedly trimmed as needed and the wood is carefully used to create these unique Shabbat Candle Holders for All Nations.

Each holder signifies an important aspect of the commandment to keep the Sabbath Holy and to remember to honor and mark this day of rest in Creation as noted in Genesis: 

The Star represents Israel and the Jewish people

The Shin represents the Sabbath and the command to keep it holy

The Crown represents the Nations who join the Jewish people recording the crown of the Torah

These olive wood candle holder cups are custom designed and are a blessing from Israel to each person who wishes to join us in solidarity by lighting candles each week in honor of a Universal Sabbath.

Our olive wood is hand selected and harvested in northern Israel, where the only trees that are utilized are those that need to be trimmed and or maintained, leaving the living legacy of the tree intact.

Carved and manufactured in Bethlehem, these cups will bring years of memories for your participation in recognizing and observing the Creation Sabbath  in solidarity with the Jewish people. Each design represents an aspect of Israel and the Seventy Nations Jerusalem.

The Seventy Nations Crown with the 70 in it represents the ultimate unity of all people under One God and is the Crown of Creation  for each person.

The Magan David “Star of David”  represents the symbol of Israel and the Jewish people, and thus, the people who are a bridge between heaven and earth, as we see in the two triangles, meet perfectly in the center to create a space for union with Creator.

The Hebrew letter called “Shin” which slightly looks like a W, represents many things in the Hebrew language. This letter is the first letter of the word Shabbat or Sabbath. It is also representative of the Shekinah, the holy and Divine Presence of Prophecy and that which anoints all souls as they are merited to receive.

We invite you to join us in Jerusalem weekly by lighting two candles in union with the Jewish people in acknowledging the Creation Day of Rest and Holy Convocation of All Nations and The One God.

"Becoming a member of Universal Shabbat of the Nations and lighting my candles weekly has brought meaning to my life. I've ordered a set for my parents as well as my sister and I can't wait for them to arrive!"
Sarah Whiterner
Memphis, Tennessee

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