“I come to gather nations of every language; they shall come and see My Glory…”

Isaiah 66:18

What Is The Seventy Nations?

The Seventy Nations is a merging global community of people from All Nations who wish to unite in solidarity in Jerusalem to pray and celebrate the One God who is the Creator and Sustainer of All Life and in support of the rebuilding of the Third JEWISH TEMPLE.

The term “Seventy Nations” is based on the Biblical vision of the ultimate unity of all people brought together in the belief of One God. From the time of Abraham till our own day this has been the mission of the Jewish people: to teach and share this UNIVERSAL VISION.

All the Jewish prophets spoke of a time of peace and harmony between all people, when Jerusalem would again be the spiritual capital of the world and when a Temple would be built that would be a House of Prayer for All People.
The Seventy Nations will provide a teaching platform to learn about the One God of Torah and on-site facility for all peoples to come to Jerusalem to experience and be part of the redemptive process already in motion.

Working alongside all modern and ancient texts of understanding Creator from science to religion, the Seventy Nations will welcome the voice of the Nations to encourages social change and moral objectives to better understanding basic human rights and human equity values. As such, we will advocate that the Human Being is a created being with a divine purpose which is sustained by its Creator. We advocate that all human existence is on a journey of evolution in consciousness to gain knowledge and understanding of Creator as the One God who resides in a unique multiplex of existence in all belief systems and within our divine purpose as a point of our own existence.

Rejecting ideas of ANY pending destruction of man or world, the 70 Nations will seek to overcome the conditioning of a variety of religious texts that undermine man’s ability to live according to the knowledge destined for all of mankind as a direct reflection of the Living God according to one’s ability, culture, people and preference.

The 70 Nations welcomes membership on an individual level as well as all international levels and encourages everyone to become a leader in their world to spread the founding principles we represent and will teach. Through our efforts we will seek to provide a renewed way of understanding God and Man, striving to take religious attitudes and practices to a more conscious and current level of understanding in the 21st Century as humanity searches for meaningful truths and ways peaceful coexistence among all mankind.

Our main objectives will include building a House of Prayer for All Nations Jerusalem Unity Center in the heart of Jerusalem to welcome people of all understandings of the one God to come and pray in the spiritual center of the world while awaiting the rebuilding (Third) Jewish Temple in which the fulness of the prophecies of Israel 56:7 will come to fruitions. 

This Jerusalem Unity Center will also be place for people of the 70 Nation to advocate and support the rebuilding of the Jewish Third Temple as a basic human and religious right of the Jewish people

“Even those I will bring to My Holy Mountain and make them Joyful in My house of prayer. Their burnt offerings and their sacrifices will be acceptable on My alter; for My house will be called a House of prayer for All the peoples” Isaiah 56:7

It is our hope to welcome All Nations to Jerusalem to pray, learn and celebrate together as the 70 Nations in Jerusalem in solidarity and unity as we move forward in our understanding of our divine origins and purpose for our human life.

“I come to gather nations of every language; they shall come and see My Glory…” 
Isaiah 66:18

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