The One God: "Creator of the Universe"

Who is the One God whom is the Creator of the Universe? How is it that three of the world’s largest religions hold faith in the same book but understand and it differently? According to the story in the Torah, the foundational book of all the families of the Abrahamic Religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Our Creator gave moral directives to Adam and Eve,the first human beings. These divine protocols were repeated after the Flood when God reestablished the them along with the Rainbow Covenant with Noah adding the establishing of justice. These common and simple unifying principles  unify humanity and create a  moral and just world when followed correctly.

A moral and just society is dependent on observance of these as the Seven Universal Laws and in their correct context assists in creating a world where  God can exist in harmony with his Creation and all people together in Unity.  

Mankind is a multi-faceted society comprised of many different cultures united in the belief in One God. These seven universal directives  contain the fundamental values that ensure a healthy and moral life. 


Long before the children of Israel came into the eternal covenant of the Living God whom appeared to them in the wilderness of Sinai, our Creator revealed through the stories and testimonies of the Torah a basic code of moral conscious as a covenant to live by. This was and still is a code of conduct that insure all people to live in harmony between their Creator and each other. 

According to biblical tradition  as we read still today in the Book of Genesis of the Abrahamic family of religions, these first “laws” were given to Adam and Eve as divine monotheistic requirements to walk with God without shame. Generations that followed after the Great Flood, a story found in all religions and cultures, these laws were reinterated and enhanced to include new lessons in integrity in the developing mind and moral character of man. Later, when the Covenant of Israel came into existance, they were further given  along with a “Torah” of guidelines and practices to insure they would be put into the right use and for the right reason: To walk before God in integrity and each other with humility. 


These simple laws gleaned from understand consequence to right or wrong action  were and still are the unifying force in the world and the formation of the Jewish people to reveal and exemplify these divine governances before all the world to show the light of the living God and the ways to walk in that light. 






The Seventy Nations  aims to unite All Nations according to these divine, yet simple principles called the 7 Laws that open and enhance the divine revelation of the God of Israel found in the Torah who is the One God. This objective is for all those who while standing with the nation of Israel, both secular and religious, wish to unite together in a clearer understanding of Creator as the One God. 


The Seventy Nations will promote and teach practical methods of unity without discrimination of religion, culture, nation  in bringing peace and justice in Jerusalem for the benefit of the whole world to renew itself in a new understanding of Creator and each other.

These Seven Laws will be the foundational platform to make all our decisions as an organization, as they reach into all areas of human conduct and morality. 

These Seven Universal Laws are are not a religion rather, they  a certain way of life WITHOUT COMPROMISE, making possible living together in a moral and just society. These precepts are found in every religion and are the pillars of such. They are:

1. Belief in God as Creator: God is One, the One God who is the Creator of the Universe. Beyond full understanding purposely. Do not profane this Oneness in any way. It is the only true concept we can have of a Divine Creator who has created all life with a purpose and us as we further understand. Every person should believe in the existence of the one and only Creator of the Universe.

2. Honoring God: Do not curse your Creator in anyway. God is holy , meaning set apart for this world but still apart of every aspect of it and bears witness to all of creation and every action of everyone. Each person must give respect to the Creator of the universe, who gave him life and a created world in which to live. 

3. Respect Life: Do not murder or take the life of anyone for any reason. The value of human life is equal to life itself. 

4.Respond Compassionately: Be kind to all of God’s creatures and do not take them as food in an inhuman way. Respect all of Gods creatures.

5. Integrity:  Do not steal from others. 

6.Relational Integrity:  God originally created the human being as a composite being, both male and female, a whole person or one unit.  Later, he  then divided them to two separate entities, who are in need of each other in order to reach completeness. Sexuality is the foundation of creating a moral human society and as such the fountain of life which is SACRED not to be misused.

7. Restoration: Establish courts of justice to restore harmony in the supernal order.






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