The Seventy Nations

The Seventy Nations Jerusalem Founding Statement


The term “Seventy Nations” is based on the Biblical vision of the ultimate unity of all people brought together in the understanding of One God who is Creator of this Universe. From the time of the story of the Tower of Babel and now in our own day the term “Seventy  Nations” reflects the historical dispersement of all people and the coming back together of all people under One God. This has been the mission of the Jewish people: to teach and share this universal vision. All the Jewish prophets spoke of a Messianic age of peace and harmony between all people, when Jerusalem would again be the spiritual capital of the world and when a Temple would be built that would be a House of Prayer for All People. The Seventy Nations will  provide a teaching platform to create a unified understanding of the One God who is the Creator of the universe found in the Torah, which is the foundational book of the three religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. 

We will host All Nations to learn  on site in our Jerusalem Unity Center built in the heart of Jerusalem on the Mt of Olives. This facility will be for all peoples to come to Jerusalem to experience and be part of the redemptive process already in motion. All Nations, The One God! 


The Seventy Nations is a Jerusalem based international organization that seeks to establish the Jerusalem Unity Center, in the heart of Jerusalem as a pilgrim learning and visitors Center of Peace to establish and  promote  the common  moral directives found in mans search for meaning through religion, law and spiritual pursuits. This is found though the understanding of  One God who is the Creator of the Universe. 

We welcome all nations, tribes, people and cultures to join us in creating a model of religious tolerance found in the  unity of diversity among The Nations. We acknowledge that though some differences in faith beliefs may separate us into religions, we host a unified understanding in the common goal of Unity  through gaining knowledge and understanding of the Living God as Creator Sustainer who is the One God to and spoken about by all prophets.


Working alongside all modern and ancient texts of understanding  from science to religion, The Seventy Nations welcomes the world at large to encourage a change in social  and moral objectives to better understanding our Creator and each other. We will promote basic human rights found in human equity values such  that the human being is a created being with a divine purpose which is sustained by our Creator


We advocate that all human existence is on a journey of evolution in consciousness to gain this knowledge and understanding of Creator as the One God who resides in a unique multiplex of existence in all belief systems and within our divine purpose as a point of our own existence


Rejecting ideas of a ANY pending destruction of man or world, the Seventy Nations will seek to overcome the conditioning of a variety of religious texts that undermine mans ability to live according to the knowledge destined for all of mankind as a direct reflection of the Living God according to ones ability, culture, people and preference.


The Seventy  Nations welcomes membership on an individual level as well as all international levels and encourages everyone to become a leader in their world to spread the founding principles  represented and taught. 


Through our efforts, we will seek to provide a renewed way of understanding God and Man, striving to take religious attitudes and practices to a more conscious and current level of understanding in the 21st Century.


As humanity searches for meaningful truths and ways of peaceful coexistence among all mankind, one of our main objectives will include building a House of Prayer for All Nations “Jerusalem Unity Center”  in the heart of Jerusalem to welcome people of all understandings of learn about the one God  and pray in  the spiritual center of the world.


This Jerusalem Unity Center will also  advocate and support the rebuilding of the Jewish Third Temple as a basic human and religious right of the Jewish people. We will NOT advocate for ancient religious practices that go against modern day awareness of the value of all life, including animal sacrifices.

It is our hope to welcome All Nations in Jerusalem to pray, learn and celebrate together as the Seventy Nations Jerusalem in solidarity and unity as we move forward in our understanding of our divine origins and purpose for our human life.


According to our sages, the Seven Universal Laws that govern all of mankind have been gleaned from the understanding of experience written in the stories of the Torah and are applicable to all people. These universal laws depict One Creator God who is a Universal  Sustainer that  governs life and all of creation with an eye for justice and the common good. 


Though this Creator “God” according to Torah has chosen a specific purpose for  the Jewish people for a particular task in service to the world, so too has this Creator chosen All Nations for a special and divine purpose that serves all of mankind by its very adherence to the moral fabric of conscience called holiness. One has only to look at the world and all its diversity to see the beauty of holiness and its many expressions of the unique and awesome ways in which the One God is revealed the upright soul. This same God reveals ITSELF to everyone according to culture, people or language, and is as diverse in expression as the many expressions there are in all of Mankind.


As such, a common ground of all humanity can be found within the moral fabric that is embedded in the conscious mind of the upright and made known by many in sayings such as “Do not do what is hateful” to “love each other as yourself.” This place of empathetic understanding is key to knowing the right or wrongness of a situation or the value of circumstance in living a life that is connected to the Creator of life and to each other. This value we often find in our life experience is often regarded most closely at its end as those encounters we had with another and how we were seen or how we see ourselves. It can however become the reality itself out of which flows a higher life experience and manifestation of the divine essence of the Soul rather than the human experience which leads to this realization.

The Seventy Nations express this objective as a value in individuality, the morality of conscience of all peaceful religions who find the importance of the brother and sisterhood of all people as well as the importance of understanding that the creation of human life is from a singular origin. 


Our founding principle of “All Nations, One God” will strive to represent this ideology as a tool for growth in peace and unity among all people in the world a multitude of ways.  It is through the efforts of man that man succeeds and in the depths of the heart that that success is connected to Source.



The Seventy Nations believes among all the things that Creator has given to mankind, the Torah is sacred. That is, the revelation of God, the existence of humanity and the relationship that exist between both. Not only did G-d reveal how humanity came into being, but He also revealed who brought them into being and in addition, included and or provided the necessary information (principles) upon which humanity should treat with or relate to all and sundry, including the physical creation. 


Everything created by G-d was created with its own unique value system. The value of a thing identifies its purpose in this world and above everything else, human value is foremost. It is on this premise that we, the Seventy Nations find the concept of Human Equity Value a fitting and necessary principle which will serve as one of our key founding principles that we believe G-D engraved in the entire canon of scripture.


Human Equity Value (HEV) is the Recognition, Consideration, Protection and Procurement (Acquisition) of Human Value and their Equity Entitlement. How we treat with anything tells

1. Our knowledge and understanding of the value of a thing.

2. How much we value it.

The Seventy Nations therefore, will exist to value humanity in such a way that should reflect how it ought to be valued. To make aware to the world the intrinsic value of humanity and creation. The Seventy Nations recognizes that all of humanity was created in G-d’s image and after His likeness. Thus, being created in G-d’s image and after His likeness gave humanity  their value as a Human Equity and Entitlement to that value.

The Seventy Nations recognizes that true human value speaks to the global topic of true human rights. That true human rights are engraved and or derived from intrinsic human value. The organization, namely Seventy Nations notices that according to the principles of the word of G-d, not all human rights are humanly right and thus that ‘right ‘has no value. To this the scripture gives support.

Isaiah 5:20 KJV — Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!


Throughout history the world has been plagued by oppressors, those who would use their positions of greater strength to subjugate those within their field of influence. One of the earliest forms of human rights abuse was the institution of slavery. Accounts of slavery continued throughout history and today’s slavery is difficult to estimate the number of human trafficking victims because it is a hidden crime. The 70 Nations is committed to sharing information about this and all human rights abuses with the world so that pressure may be put on those that fail to adhere to certain minimum standards in the community. At the core of our project is the belief that everyone in the world should understand empathy.

“He has told you, O man, what is good, and what the Lord demands of you; but to do justice, to love loving-kindness, and to walk discreetly with your God.” Micah 6:8

Empathy is the ability to place oneself in the shoes of another to experience that persons suffering. In reality, much of the world’s suffering, historically and at the present time, is the direct result of a lack of empathy. For that reason, 70 Nations believes that empathy is an important aspect of human development and should be taught as a tool of the maturing process.

“That which is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow. That is the whole Torah; the rest is the explanation; go and learn.” Rabbi Hillel the Elder, Babylonian Talmud, Shabbat 31a. To this end 70 Nations will provide educational materials that demonstrate the difficulties of others in order to instill a sense of compassion in students.

“’And you shall be to Me a kingdom of princes and a holy nation.’ These are the words that you shall speak to the children of Israel.” Exodus 19:6. 70
Nations will also expose human rights abuses where they are seen and will be an ambassador to the nations in the context of human rights. “Who will rise up for me against evildoers; who will stand up for me against workers of violence?” Psalm 94:16

Our Rabbis taught: Seven precepts were the sons of Noah commanded: Social laws, to refrain from blasphemy, idolatry, adultery, bloodshed, robbery, and eating flesh cut from a living animal.” Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Sanhedrin, Folio 56a. To this end, the teaching of the 70 nations will demonstrate the moral and ethical common ground all people share in following a universal method of empathy within the teaching of Torah called the 7 Laws. These common and practical methods create unity with ones self and others as well as a divine Creator: The One God. The Creator Sustainer of all life.